Quality Seals for the Marine Industry

Industrial Packing and Seals offers repair service and replacement seals for most leading seal designers and can have parts manufactured for any seal design.

MB Hi-Temp Cartridge Seal Unit

Complete cartridge seal is manufactured from high temperature materials in order to withstand high temperature without the need for heat exchangers or outside cooling in most cases.

  • Static Grafoil ® packing – no fretting or hang-up, no o-rings to cook
  • Hydraulically balanced – capable of handling higher pressures with less heat generation
  • Self-cleaning – rotating bellows creates centrifugal force to expel abrasives
  • Tungsten carbide-inserted bellows run against a silicon carbide stationary for long lasting face life and heat resistance
  • Can handle temperature as high as 800 F and pressures of up to 300 psig while operating
  • Easy cartridge installation to reduce down time

MB Cartridge Seal Unit

The MB Cartridge Seal Unit is a single bellows seal designed for applications involving more viscous fluids such as mud pumps or black oil cargo. The MB has a static O-ring eliminating shaft or sleeve fretting. The welded bellows core provides 360-degree face loading to reduce vibration and frictional heat. The Gland design for the MB is fit for an O.B.A. to help eliminate shaft run-out and shaft whip; and is readily available for Goulds style or B.J. style pumps. This seal comes standard with a Silicon Carbide stationary seat running against Tungsten Carbide on the rotating unit and Viton Elastomers.

Liberator II Dual Cartridge Seal Unit

The Liberator II ® cartridge seal incorporates advanced seal design features. Using a “ball” drive, the liberator resists twisting and torsional strains common to pin or key drives. It employs a multi-crested wave spring which is a non-clogging spring isolated from the product for optimum corrosion resistance. The rotating seat and spring-loaded stationary accept higher shaft speeds, heavier viscosity fluids, and greater misalignment. In addition, it features two tangential outlet ports for clockwise or counterclockwise pump rotation. A pumping ring built in as a standard feature provides positive barrier fluid circulation. The Liberator II ® is a double, hydraulically balanced seal which allows it to be used as a double or tandem seal. In vertical installations, the secondary seal chamber is self-venting to ensure proper lubrication of the secondary sealing surfaces. The barrier fluid at the secondary seal is on the OD of the sealing faces, which ensures maximum heat dissipation.

RS-U Cartridge Seal Unit

The RS-U Cartridge Seal Unit may be used for pumping a wide variety of cargo from hydrocarbons to light ends. Glands for the RS-U are equipped with an O.B.A. fit (more info on O.B.A. in leaflet) and readily available for Goulds style six bolt pattern or the B.J. style four bolt pattern. This seal has been field tested for over twenty year and has been proven to stand up very well to the rough process of stripping barge cargo. This seal comes as a complete cartridge for easy install and removal, improving down time between seal changes.

The RS-U Cartridge Seal comes standard with Carbon stationary running against a 316ss rotating unit with Silicon Carbide face and Teflon U-Cup. Sleeve O-Ring and seat gasket are determined by product being pumped or at the customers request.
Common shaft sizes available: 1-15/16”, 1-11/16”, 1-1/2”, 1-7/16”